On February 14, 2017 our website address changed from fsbks.com to the new, more secure fsbks.bank in an effort to provide added security for our customers.

Why is .BANK More Secure?

The .BANK domain is more secure and recognizable location on the Internet making it harder for fraudsters to spoof our website. Banks must meet enhanced security requirements and only verified members of the banking community are approved to receive a .BANK domain. When you visit fsbks.bank, you can be sure you are on a secure website and not on a spoof site claiming to be us.

In order to use the .BANK domain we had to meet the following security requirements:

  • Mandatory verification and re-verification of character/licensure for regulated entities ensure that only legitimate members of the global banking community are awarded domain names
  • Domain Name System Security Extensions to ensure that internet users are landing on participants' actual websites
  • Email authentication to mitigate spoofing, phishing and other malicious activities
  • Enhanced encryption to ensure the security of communication over the Internet
  • Multi-factor authentication to ensure that any change to the registration date is made only by authorized users

Because of the increased security requirements for the new fsbks.bank domain, it's important that you are using the latest version of your browser so that you can view the fsbks.bank website.